Help with success in M1, your schedule will be able to take into account your professional and personal constraints. You will be able to simply follow "a la carte" training units according to a particular project without a diploma research. In M2 no time schedule is possible.

Help with professional insertion you will have, during your Master's degree, to finalise your professional project and to prepare your insertion. You will carry out an internship at a research centre authorized by the Ministry or in a research department of a private or public company. You will be able to take advantage of the various services offered by the Office of Help for professional Insertion.

-Consult the internship and job offers available.

-Participate in the workshops of research of internships and jobs (CV, letters of motivation, preparation for maintenance…).

-To attend the workshops of knowledge of the labour market (employment contract, analysis of the job market…).

-You can benefit from a follow-up if you choose to carry out an internship abroad, to create your activity or to carry out your last year of study in contract of Professionalisation.

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