The cognitive and Emotional Sciences Research Unit (EA 1059) is a psychology laboratory with an interest in the field of cognitive and emotional sciences in the mental processes that determine normal and pathological behaviours and Conditions for the emergence of these pipes. In particular, the unit develops a fundamental research programme focused on the study of cognitive processes underpinning the perceptual, motor and language functions and the study of the dynamics of the Regulations Behavioral and emotional. The laboratory has also developed a transversal axis in the field of visual. URECA is organized into 4 teams developing complementary research programs.

The Perception, Action, Communication (PAC) team studies the spatial vision and the relationship between vision and action. The dynamic Evolution of behaviour and Learning (DECA) team is interested in the dynamics of perception-action relationships. The psychology of language, Acquisition and dysfunction (PLAD) team studies reading, its links to oral language, and the visual processing of oral language. The family, health, Emotion (FASE) team studies emotional dynamics in cognitive treatments and interactive situations. The research methodologies combine experimentation, modeling and analysis of brain functioning, plus a set of research applied in the field of cognitive and emotional deficits in patients with Mental, developmental or neurological pathologies.